We believe in aromatherapy, everyday.

We are a British aromatherapy company inspired by botanics and family life. We offer a range of unique essential oil products to give you the power to shape your every day.


We believe massaging with aromatic oils helps strengthen bonds and create moments of peace and wellbeing. Used alongside massage, Neu Oil essential oil blends provide a gentle and 100% natural tool kit to support you and your little one's daily needs. 

Neu oil blends are hand made in small batches in the UK. Each bottle is carefully formulated with families in mind and designed with a roller-ball applicator for easy use. We use only the best natural ingredients which are gentle enough for young or delicate skin, and our Baby blends are certified safe to use from 3 months.

"We absolutely love the addition of Neu Oils to our family. We always use it as part of our bedtime routine and love the calming affect they have."

Made by parents, for parents

Neu Oil was started by two friends and mothers, Mary Bowen and Helen Collier. Both obsessed with natural skincare and in particular the benefits and beauty of essential oils, we knew that essential oils were known to be a safe and effective toolkit for children and families. 

Aligning our passion for essential oils and desire to use plant-based products on ourselves and our children,  Neu Oil was born. We believe that aromatherapy and massage is an effective and natural solution to many everyday needs and that it should be a fundamental feature of modern family life.



Carefully blended with antioxidant-rich coconut oil to gently nourish the skin. Infused with essential oils that support your physical and emotional wellbeing.



Certified safe to use directly on the skin and for our Baby range from 3 months old.



100% plant-based ingredients that are always ethically sourced and cruelty-free. No palm oil, colours or chemically manufactured ingredients whatsoever.