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The inspiration behind Neu Oil.

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Neu Oil was born in 2018 when we (Mary and Helen - Neu Oil co-founders) discussed our desire to find a natural wellness product that could help nurture the relationship between parent and child. Both obsessed by natural, plant-based skincare and each with two young children of our own, we are passionate about the untapped wellbeing and health benefits of essential oils for young and old.

Through our personal journey into the world of aromatherapy we have found that these potent and beautiful essences provide a natural toolkit that support the day to day emotional and physical life of our families, and wanted to spread the word with products specifically and safely designed with young children and families in mind.

Touch and smell are a baby’s primary senses. In his book ‘Touching’, Ashley Montagu states that ‘touch is 10 times stronger than verbal or emotional contact…(it) is vital to the expression of care and connection and is important to the development of a healthy attachment.’

We wanted to create a product that enabled those moments of connection for parents and babies. What better way to bond and develop emotional attachments than taking the time for a simple daily or nightly aromatherapy massage that delights the senses!

As busy mothers we also recognised how precious moments of ‘me time’ are in maintaining our own mental health and want to encourage mothers to be proactive with their own emotional wellbeing in those cherished times. We have all experienced how a particular smell can trigger emotional responses and take you back to a time or place, so creating natural products that not only smell amazing but create an actual neurological response to boost wellbeing was our aim.

​Here at Neu Oil HQ we believe that aromatherapy and massage is an effective and natural solution to many everyday needs and that it should no longer be thought of as an ancient practice but a fundamental feature of modern family life!

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