We are partnering with nurseries to provide toolkits for teachers to help children explore their senses, feelings and boost emotional wellbeing using massage and our 100% natural Baby blends.

Our bespoke group activities, centred around aromatherapy massage, are designed to reduce stress, support wellbeing and help children connect with their emotions. Each Nursery kit contains 3 of our Neu Baby blends, a pack of 'Feelings' activity cards and then a digital nursery massage information leaflet and poster, parent permission form and video tutorial links.

Our massage scheme supports the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) learning goals and can be used to support children to manage their emotions, develop a positive sense of self and learn how to look after their bodies. The activities are designed to teach self-regulation as well as develop an understanding of and sensitivity to children's own feelings and those of others. 




1. The teacher sets a relaxed mood in a small group of 3-5 children, which we call the ‘Feelings Circle’. A calm environment is established where children are encouraged to identify their own feelings and acknowledge those of others using a range of vocabulary (and signs) to support understanding.

2. Our bespoke ‘Feelings' cards and nursery teacher resources provide structure and support for the session. These have been developed alongside Neu Oil's Baby Massage instructor and massage therapist, Jo Tasker. The activities include warm-ups, discussion points, simple massage techniques, breathing exercises and reflection time.

3. During the session Neu Oil Baby pulse-point oil will be given to each child to massage themselves or a partner (fully clothed, with their permission) on their hands, wrists, feet and ankles. Parents will be asked to give permission for their child to take part and patch test in case of allergies.